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Cool Squares

Cool Squares

A cool color palette and slightly muted, but still vibrant at the same time. If you like a twist on geometric shapes, this is the wallcovering for you. Perfect for the drama you want to add to any room. Are you ready to add some color to your white space? Let's do this!





24in x 20.23in, 159 pixels/inch, Basic 2 repeats across a roll.




  • Ordering

    Available in (Water Activated) Prepasted Removable Smooth or (Non Water Activated) Peel or Stick Removable Woven for those do-it-yourself types.

    All Wallpapers work best on non-textured walls and over white or light latex paint that has cured for at least 4 weeks.

    Wallpaper is printed on 2' panels with varying length options depending on the height of your walls.

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