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How To Order Wallpaper

Nikki Stinson Art offers 2 wallpaper options: Prepasted Removable Smooth and Peel and Stick Removable Woven. Our Smooth and Woven wallpapers are completely removable and created for

DIY installers- making both options great for renters!

Note: Wallpapers (Smooth and Woven) work best on smooth, non-textured walls, over white or light non-scrubbable latex paints that have cured for at least 4+ weeks.


How to Measure Your Walls

Please see the image below for reference. You do not need to measure the crown moulding, and the measurements for each wall only need to include the height (in feet) and the width (in inches).

To help ensure a seamless repeat across the wallpapered space, we do not exclude

doors or windows from the dimensions for these calculations.

When they are excluded the rolls do not typically align with each other during installation.

If you may need assistance with how to measure your space, please don't hesitate to contact us!



Calculate How Many Rolls to Order

PRO TIP: Since every product is custom-printed,

it's like each individual order is its very own dye-lot, or print-lot.

While large color shifts between orders should not be an issue, there can be slight variations if two orders are placed (and hence printed) at different times. Just like when buying commercial fabric or yarn or wallpapers with dye lots, it's always ideal to be certain to order enough digitally printed paper

for your project all at once.


For Prepasted Removable Smooth and Peel and Stick Removable Woven:

We print these two popular Do-it-Yourself papers in selected whole-foot (or round centimeter) increments. It is good practice to order slightly longer rolls in order to ensure that any vagaries of architecture or slight differences in height along the wall can be compensated for during installation.



Ordering a Test Swatch

Before ordering rolls of wallpaper, we highly recommend ordering a sample to ensure the wallpaper type, color and scale meet your expectations, but also to test installation on your unique surface if possible.

Go to the Wallpaper Roll Length drop down menu and select Test Swatch (2' x 1')

Click the Add to Cart button to add the swatch to your cart.

Ordering Rolls


We offer the following roll lengths options for Prepasted Removable Smooth

and Peel and Stick Removable Woven:

  • 2' x 3'

  • 2' x 6'

  • 2' x 9' 

  • 2' x 12'

Similar to ordering a swatch, select the wallpaper you would like using the Wallpaper Roll Length drop down menu and select the type, and length you would like. Enter the number of rolls and add to cart!

You've done it!

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