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Flora Sketch

Flora Sketch

This subtle floral with an angular twist is perfect for a powder bath or bedroom. Are you ready to add some color to your white space? Let's do this!





24in x 20.23in, 159 pixels/inch, Basic 2 repeats across a roll.




  • Ordering

    Available in (Water Activated) Prepasted Removable Smooth or (Non Water Activated) Peel or Stick Removable Woven for those do-it-yourself types.

    All Wallpapers work best on non-textured walls and over white or light latex paint that has cured for at least 4 weeks.

    Wallpaper is printed on 2' panels with varying length options depending on the height of your walls.

  • Should I install this myself?

    Go for it! Our wallpaper is intended for the DIY type, but if you are uncertain, we recommend seeking advice from a professional paper hanger for wallpaper installation. 

    Feel free to email us with any questions regarding ordering or hanging at

  • Calculating

    Round the height of your wall to the nearest roll length (3, 6, 9, 12 feet)

    Example: If your wall measures just under 8 feet, not including the crown moulding, round up to 9 feet.  (Note: If you are ordering for multiple walls in the same room, use the tallest wall height so that all the rolls are the same length).

    Calculate how many rolls you need

    Take the full width of your wall (in inches) and divide it by 24”. If you will be installing on multiple walls in the same room that touch each other, add up the widths of each wall and divide that number by 24”. If the walls are not continuous, simply use this formula to determine the number of rolls necessary for each wall individually. For walls that have windows and doors, just include in your wall measurements.

    Round this answer up to the full number and order that many rolls of wallpaper


    We highly recommend ordering a test swatch to ensure wallpaper type, color and scale meet your expectations.

  • Need a little help?

    Please email your room/wall dimensions and questions to We're happy to help!